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Cheap Flights to La Manga - Murcia or Alicante
Cheap Flights to La Manga - Murcia or Alicante

If you wish to head off to a five star resort in sunny Spain for your holiday or short break look no further than La Manga Club, one of the world’s great resorts. Set in the glorious Murcian hills on Spain’s Costa Calida, the warm coast, you will find La Manga Club, a resort set on one thousand five hundred acres of lush green landscaped gardens.

With three championship golf courses and a fantastic tennis centre it is a must visit resort for the sports enthusiast. These are just two of the many activities available at La Manga Club which operates all year round.

Since the introduction some years ago of the low cost airline there has never been a better time to get cheap flights to La Manga Club. As La Manga Club is in the region of Murcia the best cheap flights to La Manga Club would be to either Murcia, San Javier airport, or Alicante airport.

A cheap flight to La Manga Club Murcia or Alicante could be very cheap when some of the special offers are advertised and new flights released. Be aware that on top of these you will be liable to pay taxes and therefore although the price may still be very cheap to La Manga Club it may be a little higher than anticipated.

If your cheap flight to La Manga is heading towards Murcia airport and you have been before, you will be surprised how much this airport has expanded over the past few years almost quadrupling in size and passenger capacity. It is also hoped to open a new airport in the Murcia region in the coming years to handle the large number of people now visiting the region. So although you may have cheap flights to La Manga Murcia the airport is now very well organised and new, ensuring your overall experience of travelling to Murcia will be good. The airport at Alicante has been long established and is efficiently run with many cheap flights to La Manga coming in all day.

Once you have arranged your cheap flights to La Manga Murcia or Alicante you may wish to consider car hire and this can also be arranged very cheaply if required. The car hire companies are located in the Murcia or Alicante airport terminals or in some cases outside the terminal in the airport car parks. These are not difficult to find and are not too far from the terminal to be an issue. It is advisable to check where your particular pick up office is located before you travel.

A cheap flight to La Manga Murcia would enable you to simply take a taxi to La Manga Club as the journey is no more than 20 twenty minutes away. You can also pre-book your taxi if preferred. A cheap flight to La Manga Alicante would mean that it is not cost effective to take a taxi as the journey is approximately one hour and therefore car hire is recommended. This can pre-booked on line via the internet or you could simply wait until you arrive into the airport terminal. Pre-booking would be advisable in the busier summer months to avoid long queues.

So if La Manga Club resort appeals to you then simply log onto your computer and search and undoubtedly you will find cheap flights to La Manga Murcia or Alicante airport.
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